Genuine Web Traffic Visitors (Code: BW-T001)

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Advertising campaign that target geo location and niche. Choose your traffic preference, and let us send them directly to your website.
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Quality traffic that will help boost your sites exposures instantly. Designed to help you achieve your marketing goal.

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1. Are the traffic human?

Yes. They are 100 percent real human traffic with possible conversion. 

2. Where the traffic come from?

-Huge network of publishers that serve your ads as pop under and interstitial ad. 
-Redirect traffic from expired domains.

3. Is this Traffic safe for Google Adsense ?

Yes. Its totally safe for Adsense.

4. How long does it takes to start the campaign?

It will take between 24 to 48 hours. Our campaign manager 
will manually review each campaign to ensure the best quality traffic is serve.

5. Do you accept any kind of website?

We do not accept adult, gambling or sites that promotes illegal activities. 

6. My sites has autoplay audio, frame breaker and popup can I place order?

Yes. But the traffic will be much slower than normal. 
Because most publishers didn't like to display ads that might annoy their visitors.

7. How do you track traffic ?

We use to track the visitors send to you. If there any different between
analytic and your Account control panel, we will top up the different. 
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